Bituminous Membrane Production Line Automation And Control Systems

Control, Automation, and Monitoring Systems

The automation system for asphalt and bitumen processing plants is designed for customers seeking a system with no compromise on quality. This system is fully automated and controlled via PLC, providing statistical data that can help uncover trends, identify strengths and areas needing improvement, and anything in between. Internal statistical reports are stored, and data can be accessed via the internet. The process is automated, but manual control is also available if needed in any section.
Briefly, here are the control capabilities of the asphalt factory automation system, which are available for order:
Automatic or manual control of line inverters and speed adjustment of bitumen movement along the line
Precise control of bitumen weight and meterage according to defined values
Monitoring of level, temperature, and bitumen tanks
Temperature control of bitumen using formulas for fan inverters and burner control
Recording and displaying all events on a monitor in real-time
Statistics on the total consumption of materials, bitumen, fillers and additives, polymers, and total asphalt produced
Ability to define access levels and passwords for operators
Wireless parameter display and data gathering from mobile or PC.