About us

About us:

Pirouzeh Fam Industrial Group was established in 1998 under the brand "Pirouzeh Fam Bituminous Membrane" in Nishapur, aiming to improve roof coverings and produce Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane with a production line and packaging designed and built by experienced industrialists in Nishapur, the second industrial pole in the east of the country.
In 2011, leveraging the quality of products and experiences gained in the field of Bituminous Membrane production machinery, and with the participation of mechanical engineers, the company expanded its specialized activities in the production of Bituminous Membrane machinery and related industries.
In 2016, with the joining of specialists in the field of electrical engineering and the utilization of the knowledge of experienced individuals, the company took steps towards advanced control and automation of Bituminous Membrane production lines to enhance production quality. Until today, the company has spared no effort in achieving this goal and advancing the country's industry.

Our mission:

Adherence to the principles of standard goods and equipment in the production process, commitment to consistency in producing high-quality products, and respect for consumer rights, as well as adherence to fairness and integrity in all commercial and production stages, are paramount for us.

Our vision:

-Becoming the country's flagship manufacturing unit.
-Indigenizing all machinery and equipment related to the bitumen and Bituminous Membrane industry.
-Being the top exporter of Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane in the country.